Acoustic auditorium problems can be remedied with the proper acoustic treatment. GypsOne’s Acoustic Panels treat the acoustical problem of echoes by absorbing the sound waves rather than allowing them to reflect off hard surfaces. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, these panels install easily on your walls or ceiling, saving you up to 50% time and money on installation.

They are an excellent choice for improving auditorium acoustics or acoustics in any room where you want to hear a speaker or performer without the undertone of other conversation. As attractive as they are functional, GypsOne’s Acoustic Panels may be custom designed with an image that enhances your room décor. GypsOne’s 10-12mm thick panels (bass traps) treat yet another acoustic problem, that of standing waves. This is a low-frequency reflection caused by dimensional relationships within a space. When placed in the corners of the room - the point of maximum pressure - the bass traps can dramatically improve the sound.


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